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New England Baptist Academy

grades K3 through 12

Join us in worshiping the Lord at New England Baptist  Academy in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Apart from holding worship services and carrying out church ministries, we promote the education of the young Christian members in our community. We want them to grow up as responsible Christian adults, and thus the New England Baptist Academy was established.

New England Baptist Academy provides your child with a distinct educational advantage and an affordable alternative to public education. NEBA offers a warm and caring “family atmosphere” with highly qualified teachers who are dedicated to providing excellence in education. Of greater importance is the fact that the NEBA faculty loves and cares for each student and his relationship with God. This is a quality that permeates every activity and area of learning starting in K-3 though 12th grade.

Our K-3 program is among the few that teach the foundational skills needed for Kindergarten and beyond. Students at NEBA are well rounded and strive for excellence, and thats not all…We have FUN learning!

We invite you to consider NEBA. Our class sizes are small, our ACT/SAT scores well exceed the national average, yet our tuition price is well below most other schools in New England. We welcome you to visit our school and learn more!

Stop and think why a Christian education?

A Christian education matters more than ever. As the foundations of our society slowly erode, we are called upon to give an answer for our beliefs.

The best gift to our children ​is an education that enables them to think clearly and with purpose, for the glory of God and in the name of Jesus Christ.

Do you want an education for your child that:

* Teaches through biblical principles?

* Emphasizes the family?

* Tolerates zero bullying?

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